Wipe BMX Illustration

B'TWIN Kids/Decathlon (2018)

This bike is part of the new range of BMX released for Christmas 2018. Main idea on this product was to bring back the 80's with a set of geometrical iIllustrations directly inspired by iconic toys. Talkie walkies, Game boys and Joysticks were hugely successful at that time and still have a special echo in people's minds today.


My responsability on this project was to create illustrations and cosmetics for 1 of the 3 BMX out of the "WIPE" range. Key point of the brief was to bring 3 different atmospheres in order to target kids personas.

The Bike

Colours and Illustrations are directly inspired by the 80s. If you look around the bike you will find a joystick, a talkie-walkie and a game boy. These shapes might never been used by today's kids but they symbolize core values of a game culture known by all. Electric orange silhouettes have been designed geometrically over an old fashioned bordeaux frame in order to reinforce a feeling of that period.

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